Contract NameKilcoy WTP

Final/Anticipated Value (inc.GST)

$15 million
Duration of Contract2 Years
Actual/Anticipated Completion Date2013
Name Type of General Conditions of ContractDesign and Construct
Client OrganisationSeqwater

Kilcoy Water Treatment Plant

Kilcoy Township is located approximately 50km west of Caboolture. WTA designed and constructed a new 4ML/day WTP to replace the existing plant. The plant’s design made an allowance for space for a further upgrade to a maximum treated water production of 8 ML/day at a later date. The scope included

  • A floating off-take and Raw water pump station
  • A reaction tank with two reaction chambers, the first for future oxidation of iron and manganese and the second for absorption of taste and odour compounds
  • An upflow reactivator clarifier with an internal flocculation zone, sludge recirculation and sludge removal for clarification
  • Two flocculation tanks with two stage flocculation.
  • Two DAF clarifiers (duty/duty) with associated dispersion equipment removal of floatable flocc
  • Two open gravity filters with dual media configuration including blowers, backwash pumps and pipework
  • Chemical Dosing and mixing systems including:Sodium Hydroxide System for post pH correction, Lime system for pre pH correction and water stabilisation, Carbon Dioxide System for pre pH correction, Space for Potassium permanganate system for oxidising iron and manganese, Powdered activated carbon system for absorption of taste and odour compounds, ACH System for coagulation, Polymer system (LT 20) for coagulation aid and also for sludge thickening, Chlorine gas system for disinfection, Fluoride system for fluoridation
  • Two ultraviolet (UV) system disinfection systems


Waste water handling equipment including Sludge thickener with sludge supernatant return pump station to thicken the waste stream, Sludge balance tank to collect the thickened sludge and provide a consistent feed to the centrifuges. Two centrifuges to produce sludge cake suitable for offsite disposal. Clear water tank and treated water pump station