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China Reuse
12ML/day DAFF and
UF membranes
Plant Commissioned: 2005
Client: Dalian Petrochemical Co.

Water discharged from the sewerage treatment plant is treated with a bioreactor, flocculation, dissolved air flotation, dual media filters, UF membranes and finally Reverse osmosis. Final water is used for the Petrochemical plant boiler feedwater.

Lake Cathie STP
1 ML/day Submerged
Plant Commissioned: 2001
Client: Port Macquarie Shire Council

Sewerage from a settling basin is filtered through Zenon membranes under vacuum before being stored for reuse.

Euston WTP
0.3 ML/day DAF, Membranes
and GAC
Plant Commissioned: 2006
Client: Balranald Council

Raw water is passed through a SS DAF module before being filtered with Inge UF membranes. The permeate is passed through GAC filters for taste and odour removal.

Oberon WTP
6ML/day Membrane
Plant Commissioned: 2001
Client: Oberon Council

Raw water from the storage dam is dosed with PACL and filtered through Zenon membranes under vacuum. The reject water is thickened in a thickener before being dried in 4 drying beds for removal off site.




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